Walker Shawl

So today I decided to put a personalized baby blanket in time out because it just wasn't working out the way I thought it would.  Took the whole thing out and plan on picking it back up this week.  It can't stay in time out forever since the person who wants it said they need it by Christmas.  That's when I decided that I'm going to make something very different, at least visually anyway than a baby blanket and well just because I needed something to make me feel better. So browsing on Etsy a while back, ironically in between commercials during The Walking Dead, I came across some gorgeous yarn.  It's called Hair of the Walker That Bit Ya by Groovy Hues Fibers and I absolutely love it.  I've also gotten some other yarn from her too (that one will pop up in a future post) and I'll just say that the photo's don't do it any justice.

Now that tonight's episode with Morgan is over, I've decided to go with what I think is a great pattern to kinda show off the colors.  Not quite sure yet whether I'm making it for me or if I'll ultimately post it up for sale yet. However, I decided to go with the Calypso Shawlette by Pink Mambo.  It's not a complicated pattern that I believe will show off this yarn in all it's glory.  I'll do a mid week post to show where I am with this one, but so far I like how I don't have to think about it too much and can channel surf at the same time.  I don't think this one will take me too long and hopefully I'll have it done before we find out what really happened to Glenn.  Why yes, yes I am one of those people who believe he survived.  If he has gone then this shawl will simply be called Glenn's Embrace....if he's alive then I'll have to come up with some other clever name for it.  Suggestions are welcome :-)


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