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Shame, shame, shame

So yeah I knew it would happen where my wonderful memory and life would get in the way of me doing this next post.  Glenn's embrace was put on hold for a about a week due to a TON of work stress but I did manage to do some testing on a pattern for a an English version of a bunny.  She's actually pretty cute and I'll post a picture of her once I get a chance since my daughter seems to have claimed her for the night. I didn't forget about the personalized baby blanket either, I just have some untangling to do since my kids thought the balls of yarn were good for tossing around while I was in the shower.  They did try though to get it back together I guess.  Well anyway since I'm always working on stuff for other people or eventually my shop, which I guess technically is still for other people I did realize I need to do something for me.  I decided I wanted to do a mood blanket.  I came up with a handy dandy list for my moods and the colors I plan on using.  Since it&…