Friday, December 18, 2015

Shame, shame, shame

So yeah I knew it would happen where my wonderful memory and life would get in the way of me doing this next post.  Glenn's embrace was put on hold for a about a week due to a TON of work stress but I did manage to do some testing on a pattern for a an English version of a bunny.  She's actually pretty cute and I'll post a picture of her once I get a chance since my daughter seems to have claimed her for the night. I didn't forget about the personalized baby blanket either, I just have some untangling to do since my kids thought the balls of yarn were good for tossing around while I was in the shower.  They did try though to get it back together I guess.  Well anyway since I'm always working on stuff for other people or eventually my shop, which I guess technically is still for other people I did realize I need to do something for me.  I decided I wanted to do a mood blanket.  I came up with a handy dandy list for my moods and the colors I plan on using.  Since it's just for me I plan on using Red Heart Yarns  mainly because they're easily accessible to me from the local stores here.  So here it goes:

  1. Happy - Amethyst (purple)
  2. Stressed - Black
  3. Angry - Red 
  4. Depressed - Gray
  5. Content/Peaceful - Light Blue
  6. Bored (or just having a space cadet kind of day) - Aran
  7. Blessed - white
  8. Mixed Emotions (mainly happy) - Purple Variegated (purple tones)
  9. Mixed Emotions (mainly angry/bothered) - Red Variegated
  10. Loved - Pink
  11. Hungover (cause well, let's be honest) - Green
  12. Confident/flirty/I'm feelin myself - Pink Panther (pink and black mix)
  13. 0-100 (days I'm having some serious mood swings) - Blacklight
  14. Creative - Lavender
I believe that should pretty much cover my range of emotions.  I'm sure if others pop up I'll add to the list.  It should be interesting to see how this pans out.  I plan on starting out on the first so yeah I'm pretty sure the center of the square I decide to choose will start off with green, lol.  I'll probably be using a range of square motifs for this....or maybe if I find one I really like I'll stick with the one. I don't know....  I still have 12 days to figure out the layout and the square but either way that will get done. I found a few pretty cool ideas on Pinterest for that.  But yeah I've been on a rollercoaster these past few years and wish I would have started one of these things sooner.  I think just having a visual representation of my good and bad days will be pretty eye opening.  I always thought I was generally a happy person until one day I realized I wasn't.  A lot of stuff popped up from my past that I thought I was over and then I wasn't then new stuff popped up to pile on top of the large pile of crap I already had.  I'll be keeping a personal journal along with this for my own reference on top of taking at least weekly pictures of my progress to post on here along with my other projects that are in the works.  I gotta be held accountable somehow.  At least my imaginary audience can do that for me, lol.  Until the first though I plan to crank out Glenn's Embrace so it can be blocked and I can take a nice pretty picture of the final project.  11 days...can I do it....sure I can.  Few cans of Pepsi Max and a Netflix marathon and I'm on it!!  

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Walker Shawl

So today I decided to put a personalized baby blanket in time out because it just wasn't working out the way I thought it would.  Took the whole thing out and plan on picking it back up this week.  It can't stay in time out forever since the person who wants it said they need it by Christmas.  That's when I decided that I'm going to make something very different, at least visually anyway than a baby blanket and well just because I needed something to make me feel better. So browsing on Etsy a while back, ironically in between commercials during The Walking Dead, I came across some gorgeous yarn.  It's called Hair of the Walker That Bit Ya by Groovy Hues Fibers and I absolutely love it.  I've also gotten some other yarn from her too (that one will pop up in a future post) and I'll just say that the photo's don't do it any justice.

Now that tonight's episode with Morgan is over, I've decided to go with what I think is a great pattern to kinda show off the colors.  Not quite sure yet whether I'm making it for me or if I'll ultimately post it up for sale yet. However, I decided to go with the Calypso Shawlette by Pink Mambo.  It's not a complicated pattern that I believe will show off this yarn in all it's glory.  I'll do a mid week post to show where I am with this one, but so far I like how I don't have to think about it too much and can channel surf at the same time.  I don't think this one will take me too long and hopefully I'll have it done before we find out what really happened to Glenn.  Why yes, yes I am one of those people who believe he survived.  If he has gone then this shawl will simply be called Glenn's Embrace....if he's alive then I'll have to come up with some other clever name for it.  Suggestions are welcome :-)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Year New me (yeah I know I'm early)

New year, new me, new blog and yes I know I'm early.  I have an issue with procrastination so I figured I would get a head start on things.  I deleted my old blogs because I truly want to start fresh.  No pre determined ideas of about who you think I am or who I used to be, so unless you're actually one of the five people who actually read it you're in good shape.  Fresh slate, plain and simple.

Soooo who am I?  Well that's a pretty loaded question that I'm not even sure I can answer but I can tell you about me and the things that make  For starters, I'm sure my name gives a good piece of information away....Puerto Rican from New York...from a tiny town called The Bronx.  I'm sure you've never heard of it, it's cool.  No harm no foul.  I also have three kids which take a good chunk of my time.  I may refer to them as my children, my minions, scoundrels, angels...don't know, depends on the kind of day it is that I'm writing these blogs.  Also if you haven't been able to tell I'm pretty sarcastic, and well...for the most part people don't take me seriously, and that's just how I like it.  Some days I'm as proper as a princess others well, I can curse with the best of them.  That's just me.

I'm just like any other person, I love to read, write, cook, prepare for the zombie know, the usual.  While I may not be buying those $200+ kits you can find by searching google I do know the first place I'd run to and the first thing I'd start doing.

One of my main passions is crocheting.  It's helps to deliver me from the stresses of life.  I get to concentrate on something other than work, the kids or the house and think about what I'm doing for me.  I'll start posting pictures soon know accountability and all.  Besides, that's the whole purpose of this blog, to eventually show off my creations and my yarn babies.  I'm good at what I do but I want to be so great one day that it's my stuff you're pinning on Pinterest.  I did have another name for my "business" or my brand but it didn't really fit me, it was more my sister's speed. At the time we were working together but life stepped in and we both became busy.  Anyway, I digress, it's not a bad thing that it didn't fit but like I said....wasn't me and my heart just wasn't in it.  So now I have a name more suited towards my liking and my personality and honestly I just can't wait to hit the ground running.

Even though I have a bit of a tough exterior I'm also a bit of an all around geek.  Currently I'm working on a Doctor Who themed scarf which I'm calling "Through all time and space".   As long as life doesn't get in the way it should be done pretty soon and I will gladly post up my pictures here.  I designed it myself so once I post it I'll also post the graph I used to make it for those following that may be interested in it.  After that I may work on a Supernatural scarf or bag...but no sadly I probably won't move onto something with Sherlock....never really caught an episode...yet.  So that may change.

I guess that's enough for an introduction this time around...I'll be back soon.